Bill’s Garage now Open at iPlay America!

Thanks iPlay America for inviting us to the Grand Opening of Bill’s Garage!

iPlay America recently announced the opening of Bill’s Garage, the newest themed area and 3rd phase of iPlay America’s expansion. At Bill’s Garage, you’ll find the Sky Trails Ropes Course, Sky Tykes Ropes Course and the Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster along with arcade games which include Skeeball, Basketball, Angry Birds, and many others.

indoor ropes course

Sky Trails Ropes Course

The new ropes course is the largest indoor ropes course in New Jersey and gives iPlay guests a place to climb, rain or shine! The course has several obstacles such as rope bridges, beams, cargo nets, rope ladders, and more. While Sky Trails has a height requirement of 48″ and above, Sky Tykes is perfect for children 48″ and under. Guests are helped into harnesses by iPlay staff and once hooked up, they set you up on the course.

E is is just under 48″ and had the opportunity to experience the Sky Tykes course.

sky tykes

This was E’s first time on a ropes course and she enjoyed it so much that she went through it twice!

Sky tykes iplay

Located in the same area as the ropes course are small ride-ons that are perfect for children who may be too small for the bigger rides at iPlay America. Aric got a kick out of riding these and even E enjoyed the ride-ons with her little brother!

Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster

I have to say, the new Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster is my favorite new attraction! The track design of the Freedom Rider is a figure-eight and features four spinning vehicles, each able to hold four riders. Riders need to be 48″ to ride alone but most children under that can ride with an adult.

Freedom Rider Spinning Coaster

E and I had the chance to ride on it together and had a blast! The spinning was quite dizzying as to be expected but it was fun! Check out our video of the coster below.

We really liked playing the arcades style games. The arcade games require credits to play which can be loaded onto your iPlay America game card which you swipe at each game you play.

Bills Garage iPlay America

When visiting Bill’s Garage. make sure to enter for the chance to win an all-new Ford Explorer! You can enter to win onsite at iPlay America or on the iPlay America website contest page.

Which attraction are you looking forward to? 

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iPlay America

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Turning Lemons into Lemonade on our Anniversary Weekend.

Not only did we observe Father’s Day last weekend, My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! We didn’t have any set plans but when we were offered a complimentary room for two nights at Mount Airy Casino Resort, tickets to a performance, a spa treatment, and comped meals in exchange for a review, You bet I jumped at the opportunity! Unfortunately that didn’t work out as planned.

I didn’t want to dedicate that much space on my blog on this so without going into too much detail, I’m just going to say this: I’ll be avoiding Mount Airy Casino Resort like the plague. I had a post prepared with every little detail regarding what happened to Lonnie and I but decided write this instead. Bottom line, We had a pretty terrible experience with the security at Mount Airy. The security guards were a little too aggressive in their tactics even before checking my license. The driver’s license I had on me at the time was expired. This is totally my fault and I take full responsibility for that but, Their PR team refuses to address my concerns. From the reviews I’ve read on Yelp and TripAdvisor, We’re not the only guests who have had issues. So that’s that.

Now onto the lemonade…

We were kid-free and decided to make the best of the weekend so after waking up from a full night’s rest on Saturday morning, We headed to Atlantic City which is about an hour and a half from where we are in New Jersey. I wanted to visit Caesars which is right on the boardwalk. I always liked the atmosphere and love that it’s connected to Playground Pier, a luxury shopping mall featuring some of my favorite stores like Lush and the Apple store.

We parked in a garage and headed through Caesars to the boardwalk. From there, we walked on the boardwalk towards the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum which is always an interesting and fun place to stop off at. If you’re ever in AC, this is definitely a place you’ll want to take the family to or even your date. Although we decided not to go in this day, I plan on going the next time we visit!

We were getting hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. I always make an effort to stop at The Irish Pub which is right off the boardwalk on St. James Place. The food is reasonably priced, the portions are decent and their fare is quite tasty. I had a Roast Beef Panini with a side of fries and ordered some gravy for dipping. The roast beef was thinly sliced and topped with caramelized onions and sharp provolone cheese. The plate came with a creamy horseradish sauce. It was delish!

After lunch, We were going to take a walk on the beach but spotted the walkway on Playground Pier. From the walkway, we had gorgeous views of the ocean and other surroundings including Steel Pier. There was a nice light breeze and we couldn’t have been there at a better time!

Steel Pier

We went and did some exploring and a little gambling. We walked into Bally’s and then cut through Wild Wild West and back into Caesars. I’m more of a slot machine kind of gal and Lonnie enjoys the video poker. We’ve never played table games and it’s not that we’re not interested, it’s just that we’re not all that great at card games. 😆

Before leaving, we stopped at a little cupcake place to get the kids some sweets. It was a perfect day and I really enjoyed the time Lonnie and I had together without the little ones. We should really do this more often!

Anniversary weekend

We are planning another trip to AC and this time we’ll be taking the kids along. Some places I hope to take them include Steel Pier, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum, Playground Pier, and of course my favorite eatery, The Irish Pub!

For those of you with young children, How often do you and your significant other get alone time? How often do you travel without your kids? Have you been to Atlantic City? 

P.S. I apologize for the lack of visuals! We didn’t take a lot of pictures. I ran out of storage space on my iPhone and the camera on Lonnie’s phone is terrible. 😛

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #FamilyTravel @SFGrAdventure

We are SO excited for the season opening of Six Flags Great Adventure! We became season pass holders for the first time last year and found it to be well worth it! Whether you are a roller coaster enthusiast or just visiting with the family, There is so much to do for all ages. In addition, as season pass holders we get to visit the park at our convenience and take advantage of some other perks included in our membership.  There are a number of things you should know before visiting the park with your kids, especially if you have young children like myself. These tips are definitely geared towards parents with smaller children but if you have older kids, you might find these useful as well!

There are three children’s areas at Six Flags Great Adventure ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and even elementary aged children. Those areas include Bugs Bunny National Park, Looney Tunes Seaport, and Safari Kids. Please be aware that your child might need ride on with an adult on some of the rides in the those areas. And now for what you came here for…

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids!

Check the ride requirements.
Check the ride height requirements before visiting the park so you can plan out your experience. Checking height requirements also helps you avoid disappointing little ones who will not be able to get on certain rides. You can find attraction eight requirements here.

Visit the Ride Information Center for a height check.
Having your child’s height checked at the Ride Information Center ensures that your child will get on the rides he or she is tall enough for. This is a one-time only height check which means ride attendants won’t be measuring your child’s height at each ride. The Ride Information Center is located right next to My Six Flags Photo and the fountain. From our experience last season, Once your child’s height it checked they will receive a wrist band that can be presented to ride attendants. My little roller coaster enthusiast reached 44″ this past summer and this height check was a MUST for her to get on the rides she wanted like Skull mountain and even the Sky Screamer!

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Bring Sunscreen!
If visiting the park during the spring and summer seasons, make sure to bring Sunscreen! Lather up right before entering the park and make sure to reapply as needed. In addition, It might be a good idea to wear a sun hat. There are shady areas in the park but the better you protect yourself and your child from the sun, the less likely they are to get sunburn.

Takes turns going on rides.
This tip is meant for those of you who have young infants, toddlers and preschoolers. You will encounter rides where a parent is needed and in those cases, make sure to switch up whenever possible. Because we have an infant and a preschooler, My husband and I will take turns getting on rides with my daughter. With that being said…

Live Entertainment.
Catch a show while you’re waiting for your family to get off a ride or check it out as a family! While one of us is on a ride with E, the other will typically watch a show with Aric. Show times are posted at each venue. At the end of the show there is a photo opp! E is really excited about This Magic Moment, a magic show that’s appropriate for all ages and can be seen at the Adventure Theater in the Safari Kids area of the park. You can find a list of live entertainment on the Six Flags Great Adventure Website!

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Check ride wait times.
Most ride wait times are posted right outside of each ride.

Visit on a weekday.
Most young children are not very patient so waiting on ride lines can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. We’ve found that when visiting the park on a weekday (Monday thru Thursday, sometimes even a Friday) the ride lines are a lot shorter.

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Stay hydrated!
Although you are not allowed t bring beverages into the park, There are water fountains located near the restrooms. Water and other beverages are also sold around the park. If you are a season pass holder or plan to become one, I recommend purchasing an Unlimited Refills cup for your beverages. The initial cost is about $20 but if you are a season pass holder, it is totally worth it.

Bring a stroller.
Little feet will get tired so we make sure to bring our Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, That way Aric can sit in the front and E on the bench seat when she needs a rest from all that walking! Stroller rentals are available at the park as well.

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Keep an eye out for special events!
Check out the calendar on the SFGA website to view their special events, concerts and annual events like Fright Fest and the newly added Holiday in the Park. We love going to Six Flags Great Adventure during Fright Fest and in the daytime, children are allowed to dress in costume. This past Fright Fest E was able to go trick-or-treating!

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure with Your Kids! #NJ #FamilyTravel

Cheap Souvenirs!
Branded souvenirs can be pricey so when it comes to souvenirs from the park, certain areas have super hero capes and things of that nature for under$10! E has a Wonder Woman cape that she keeps with her dress up clothes for pretend play. To make things a little more interesting for your kids, play a game where they can win a prize. Some prizes besides for the super hero capes include hats, balls, and more.

For more information on Six Flags Great Adventure, please visit their website!

What are your tips for visiting theme parks with young children? 

Give the gift of NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games! #NJLotteryHoliday #NewJerseyLottery

This is a sponsored post. All opinion are mine alone.

The holidays are here and I’m sure many of you are still looking for gifts for your friends, neighbors and loved ones. Look no further! NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games make the perfect present or stocking stuffer.

Give the gift of NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games! #NJLotteryHoliday #NewJerseyLottery

The New Jersey Lottery has four Holiday themed Instant Games available for the Holiday season! Tickets come in different themes and price points and top prizes on the Holiday games range anywhere from $2 to $1,000,000! NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games include:

  • $1 Holiday Cheer
  • $2 Holiday Luck Times 10
  • $5 Holiday Sparkle
  • $10 Season’s Gold

These Holiday games make for an excellent gift, stocking stuffer, or even party favor for anyone and everyone on your list over the age of 18. They’re fun, festive and no wrapping is required, making it easy to give or send!

This year, I’m giving the gift of the New Jersey Lottery to a few people including family, friends and even my husband! I picked up some tickets from my local Lottery retailer, 7-11, and got busy on brainstorming ways to give the gift of NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs.

Give the gift of NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games! #NJLotteryHoliday #NewJerseyLottery

I was a little creative and decided to place some Holiday themed Instant Games in clear ornaments that can be hung on a Christmas tree! Making the ornaments is easy, All you need is clear ornaments from your local craft store, some filler such as colored tinsel or paper filler, and of course NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games. Keep in mind that the Holiday Cheer games work best and you’ll be able to fill the ornament with quite a few!

NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games

I also placed the Holiday Luck Times 10 tickets in a jar then filled it with candy, other NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs and some small items depending on who I was giving the gift to. To make your own, simply put the Holiday Lucky Times 10 games around the inside of the jar and then fill the jar with other NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs and items of your choosing. You can use mason jars or jars like these which I came across at a craft store. I topped the jar off with a bow but you can add your own personal touch to it!

I had some extra Holiday Sparkle Instant games and passed them along to my husband as an early Christmas gift. He ended up winning about $30!

NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games

NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games can be easily accessed at any local Lottery retailer like your local 7-11, Quick Check, Wawa and other New Jersey Lottery retailers. Give the gift of NJ Lottery Holiday Instant Games today!

What would you do if you won on a NJ Lottery Holiday Instant ticket?


Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®.
(2) For more information visit New Jersey Lottery.

This is a sponsored conversation All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

A Christmas Story: The Musical at Paper Mill Playhouse is a must see! #PMPAChristmasStory #PaperMill

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine alone.

I have fond memories of watching A Christmas Story growing up on Christmas day and at least twice during the holiday season. It has become sort of a tradition to watch and now, I share that tradition with my family. When I heard that A Christmas Story: The Musical was coming to Paper Mill Playhouse, you bet that I couldn’t wait to attend a performance!

A Christmas Story

Paper Mill Playhouse is like having Broadway in your backyard because of its convenient location, right in Millburn, NJ. No need to travel into NYC to see Broadway quality productions because you can find them right here at home! For those o you not familiar with the Paper Mill Playhouse, they’re a not for profit organization that has been entertaining audiences with live theater performances since 1938 and feature world class productions with A-list talent! There’s also an on site restaurant, Carriage House Bistro & Bar, where you can enjoy dinner and drinks before a performance.

We all couldn’t wait for a fun family night out by attending A Christmas Story: The Musical! Lonnie and I brought E and her cousin (my nephew), Angel to the performance! We don’t get to do things with just the big kids, without baby Aric, so this was a nice treat for all of us. E loves live stage performances but has never attended a musical like this before. It was a truly exciting experience for the whole family!

A Christmas Story the Musical

The storyline is almost identical to the 1983 film which most have us have known to love and contains many of the classic line from the film like, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”. Not familiar with A Christmas Story? Here’s the synopsis of the musical:

Ralphie wants only one thing for Christmas: An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. ‘A Christmas Story: The Musical’ is the hilarious account of Ralphie’s desperate quest to ensure that this is most perfect of gifts ends up under his tree this Christmas. It’s funny, heartfelt, and captures holiday wonder with such deliciously wicked wit that it is sure to delight children and grow-ups alike. Bring the whole family, again and again. The holiday movie that the whole world loves comes to musical life.


The musical began shortly after we took our seats and the kids were instantly hooked from the first scene. Elise and Angel particularly enjoyed the scenes with Pete and Lily, two purebred bloodhounds who played the roles of the Bumpus Hounds in the musical. Their eyes lit up as they watched the hounds run across the stage! They also loved seeing the child actors performing songs and dancing in scenes throughout the show.

One of my favorite scenes from Act One was in Scene Three which included the musical number When You’re A Wimp and introduced Scut Farkus and Grover Dill, characters you might remember from the film.

The last few scenes of the musical were hands down some of our favorites as a family but, I don’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t go into too much detail. Let’s just say if you’re a fan of the classic movie, you’ll most likely enjoy these scenes as well, especially the last one! The songs were catchy and the dance numbers were a joy to watch be performed! The cast was incredible and Colton Mauer and Hudson Loverro were spot on as Ralphie and Randy!

A Christmas Story: The Musical is a show that the whole family will enjoy and one that is not to be missed this holiday season! A Christmas Story: The Musical will be performed at Paper Mill Playhouse eight times a week, Wednesday–Sunday. Make sure to check Paper Mill Playhouse’s website for special holiday week schedules. Here is the current performance schedule:

  • Wednesday at 7PM
  • Thursday at 1:30PM and 7PM
  • Friday at 7PM
  • Saturday at 1:30PM and 7PM
  • Sunday at 1:30PM and 7PM

Tickets can be purchased by calling 973.376.4343, at the Paper Mill Playhouse Box Office, or online. Don’t forget to check out upcoming shows the Paper Mill Playhouse which include A Bronx Tale, Pump Boys and Dinettes, and Westside Story!

Win it!
Enter to win two (2) tickets to A Christmas Story: The Musical at Paper Mill Playhouse. To enter, use the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ and ends December 5th at 11:59PM, EST. Good luck!

Which of the upcoming shows are you most looking forward to seeing?

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