Curious Meg

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Curious Meg

My wife Meg and I have a very /good/good-sex/">good sex life. Meg is 56" and a heartbreaker 38D tits, with nipples that are 1/2 long and very sensitive to suck, she loves it when I bite her nipples and loves me to /spanking/ass-spanking/spank-her-ass/">spank her ass and cunt with a belt or paddle.  We both enjoy XXX videos and reading sex stories of other couples.

And she likes me to tell her about my swinger days with my ex-wife. One day I asked her if she wanted me to pick up a video for the weekend and she said "yeah could you get one with a girl and two guys in it. I said "JUST TWO". Well later that night we where watching the movie and Meg was very wet she asked if Sally,  my ex had every done two guys at once.

I said sure Sally had done that with me and another guy, Do you really want to know what we had done, my ex and I,  because prior to this I had just told her about the wife swapping part we had done, Not any of the real /crazy/crazy-sex/">crazy sex parties and other adventures we had been involved in( I will save that for another Story).

Meg said yeah I really want to know,  did you just trade wifes and screw in different rooms or was everyone in the same room. Did any one take pictures or record it, what happens how do you meet people that swing and stuff? where do you meet at?,  Hotels or at homes? I explained to her that you can get on the web and find any number of swinger sites. She said show me! well one thing lead to another and she asked If I had enjoyed the swinging life. I said yeah it was fun, but its just sex. She said she understood "just fun , just sex,  right". Anyway we found one site that had photos of couples and single guys.

She quickly pointed out a single guys photo that caught her eye, he was about 35 His name was Jim( Meg was 21 at the time and I was 25) medium built and had a clean shaven cock about 7 or so inches long and about 2 "d , but his balls must have been that size of poolballs ( Meg loves to suck my balls) He had a local phone number and email address also.  I asked her if she would like me to call him and find out about a meet. I could tell Meg was hot for the idea but she said no,  just curious,  thats all, "But if I did that guy looks good". Well about a week had past since that night. 

We where out having dinner one night and I asked her what I should get her for her Birthday this year? She said I dont know maybe you can call that Jim number for us. I asked her if she was sure about that, and she said it wouldnt hurt to a least meet right. Well Megs birthday was one month away. And I have to admit the thought of seeing Meg have two cocks was really turning me on.

I asked her if she was really serious and she said Yeah Lets do it! I said well Ill have to try and find that page again and she said No I have the number right here and the email,  She admitted that she had been looking at the site for the last week and that she had seen a few men that she thought she would like to have sex with as long as I was there,  she also said she had seen a young couple on the site that said it was their fist time and wanted to meet another couple she said maybe we could do that also, But first she wanted two guys alone. 

When we got home Meg jump right on the computer and pulled up the site she also got out our camera and said we should sent a photo along right?. .  isnt that is that how we do it? The couple I saw said to send a photo.  I took several photos of Meg in Nylons and her Panties and one of her nude bending over showing her sweet cunt, she was loving it.

We loaded the photos and asked for a meeting. The next day I checked the site and we had a message from Jim.  He asked me to call him I told Meg about the message and Jim had attached several photos of his that Meg really liked. I told her that I would set up a meeting a Bar in Tucson first,  then she could decide from thier what to do. I called Jim and talked to him and told him that Meg wanted to have two guys screw her and that I had to be present he said sounds great I said we would like to meet him the next day at 6:00 if he coud make it,

He said sure and we decided that we would just meet first and see how things went, I also (without Meg knowing) made reservations at a local Motel near the Bar. Meg was so excited she couldnt stop talking about it,  We had great sex that night. It was 3 weeks till Megs Bithday. The next day Meg was ready to go at 5:00 we had a hour drive from our place to Tucson.

Meg was wearing a nice shear sundress that I love on her with white nylons and her garder strap,  white panties and a sexy push bra that really made her tits look two times larger. She said she couldnt wait that she was wet just thinking about getting fucked and cum on by two guys was really driving her crazy. 

We entered the Bar at 6:05 and I excused myself to go to the rest room ( I actually went to call the Motel and confirm the room) When I got back I saw Meg and Jim at the Bar where I had left her they where talking and I could tell she was nervous. She saw me and waved, I walked up and introduced myself. Jim is single,  a Real Estate agent in Tucson and a very nice guy.

We all hit it off great. We ordered drinks and grabbed a table against a wall.  the Bar was very nice,  Meg and I had been there before and I picked it because it has very dim lighting, its a very relaxing place and the booths are high-backed. I sat on one side and Meg sat next to Jim.  We talked about what we liked to do, camping, fishing, just stuff.

Meg was on her third jack and coke when she said to Jim "So when do we talk about me getting to suck your cock and have you spray your cum on my face? Well that was all it took Jim looked at me and I nodded. Well Honey I said what do you want to do. Meg reached over and I could tell her hand was now on Jims crotch rubbing it. I asked her if she wanted it to happen tonight and turned to Jim and he said Im free till monday, what about you all! Meg looked at me and said is it Ok?

I said Well Honey thats up to you. With that it was settled tonight it was. Jim and I excused ourselves to the mens room and I gave him the address to the Motel. I also asked him if he had a friend that might be free that could join us and a /camera/video-camera/">video camera. He said he thought he could round up a guy and he always carried his VCR fully charged when going out to meet couples.

Just as we where about to walk out I told him to have him meet us here and to pretend like he just ran into him. I left out and Jim made his call. Back at the table Meg was downing another Jack and coke must have been her 5th by now. I asked if her if she was good with the setup and she said yeah I think I can do this I told her to lay off the drinks and she said she was just drinking coke the last two drinks, I want to remember this night. 

I told her we would leave in a few minutes after Jim returned. She said he has a nice Dick, I want to suck it NOW!! I just laughed. Jim returned put up five fingers and winked a me that his friend was on the way. I ordered another beer and Meg got up to go to the ladies room. Jim and I talked for a minute and he asked if Meg would be OK with another guy. I said well see.  Steve came in and he walked past us straight to the rest rooms as he did he passed Meg and and said "Hello lovely lady you arent you sexy, Meg smiled and said thank you your sexy too. 

Meg sat down again next to Jim and said "so are we ready? I said just lets us finish these beers baby. Steve returned and said Hey Jim whats up buddy, Oh my that sweet thing with you Jim. Meg looked at me and said no Im his. Jim introduced us and Steve and Jim stood to talk. Meg looked at me and said when will we be leaving. I said are you very horny Baby, Yes she said. Is your pussy wet and soaking your panties, Yes she said! Are you ready to get fucked by two guys and suck there Cocks?

Yes I could do this she said. I said would you like to do Steve too? Meg just looked at me and said what would Sally do? I said Sally would do us all. Ok she said lets do it. We made it to the Motel in five minutes and Meg was crazy. We sat on the small couch in the room and waited for Jim and steve to show up.

I put my hand up here dress to feel how wet sha was and found sha was indeed soaked I also felt no hair, Meg had shaved her cunt smooth, I pulled up her dress and got on my knees and began licking her cunt thru her panties she was hot to the touch. she just moaned and said Oh God, Im cumming and gushes of cum soaked though her panties that was a first, She had never gushed out like that before.

I stood up and asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted me to fuck her while she sucked Jims cock. Jim and Steve arrived just at that moment and Megs Dress was still up. Jim said Hummm looks tasty, Meg just smiled and said I hope you guys like it wet because Im soaking. Steve said the wetter the better. Meg got up and told us all to sit down on the couch.

She then began to slowly remove her dress letting it fall to the floor, she was so very sexy her white skin in just a bra and nylons and the garder bel strap with panties you could see her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy clean thru because of the moisture. Steve stood up and turned on the video tape and Meg just loved that. Meg was now in control she told Jim to stand up and she put his hands on her pussy, feel how wet you made me I been wanting to suck your cock since I saw it on the computer.

Give me those /balls/big-balls/">big balls Jim. She undid his pants and pulled out his cock as she started to suck him she Gushed again and licked his ball with her tongue making them wet with her saliva she had his balls dripping like her cunt in no time and shuddered as she continued to gush her sweet juices from her cunt,  Steve said WOW did you see that she just creamed like a faucet.

She sucked Jim for about 5 minutes and then said ok boys she then turned and bent over and very slowly lowered her soaking panties tossed them at Steve. He caught them and said damn these are soaked Meg your a Hot Slut. Meg said yes and tonight Im your Slut! She got on the bed on all fours and told Jim to get his cock in her mouth while I fucked her.

My cock is about 8"long and very thick. Meg has a hard time taking it deep in her throat,  but she can do it, Jim cock is a little smaller 7" and thinner and she just took all his cock right off the bat. She told Steve to get all of this on tape. I fucked Meg while she sucked Jim then Jim fucked her Meg moaning all the while OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME. Meg Gushed again and trembled like she was having a seizure, she sucked Jims cock while Steve and me watched and recorded. She wanted Jim to fuck her pussy while I fucked her mouth and asked Steve to set the camera down so he could bite her tits.

Steve did as she asked and Meg went wild. with her free hand she reached for Steves pants and felt his cock she looked up at me and pulled her mouth off my cock she said "WHAT THE HELL" we all stopped for a second and she told Steve to take off his pants. When he did Meg and I just dropped our Jaws Steves Cock was at least 11" porn videos download and as thick as Megs tiny arm.

She just looked at me and said "Did Sally ever have one like this, I looked her in the eye and said Honey yes several at once many times she loved to suck /big/big-cocks/">big cocks. She said Ok let me suck that monster.  I picked up the camera and and Jim got behind her again and fucked her wet cunt slamming hard into her his large balls slapping her thighs as he thrust his cock in and out of her soaking cunt, she tried to get Steves cock in her mouth. . .  slowly she took it. . .  about three inches and then a little more and within ten minutes she was taking at least 8 whole inches in her mouth,  Her mouth was stretched to the limit but Meg just kept on going.

Steve was loving it and told her what a great /slut/cock-slut/cock-sucking-slut/">cock sucking slut she was. She pullled his cock out of her mouth and told him to call her a whore and a cock sucking slut, to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples hard. She told Jim to spank her ass hard.  Steve told her she was a fucking whore and a slut Jim joined in and they called her a fucking cunt whore just aslut for fucking and sucking she was really getting into it YES SHE SAID "I AM A WHORE FUCK ME HARDER!! CUM ON MY FACE MAKE ME EAT YOUR /balls/ball-cock/cocks-and-balls/">cocks and balls. FUCK YOUR SLUT AND SPANK HER MAKE HER LICK YOUR BALLS AND EAT YOUR CUM.

Steve turned to me and said fuck dude no woman had ever taken that much of his cock down her throat Megs cunt Gushed again and steve said he was ready to blow Meg pulled his cock out and looked at me and said dont miss this get it all on film.

As Steve Blew his load Meg tried to swallow as much as she could it came gushing out xxx of her nose and the side of her mouth she finally moved off his cock and streams of his come splashed on her face she was covered in his cum you couldnt see her face it was so thick and creamy, Jim was fucking her for all he was worth and Megs Pussy was gushing all around Jims cock it was dripping all over the bed sheets.


Meg was a mess and she needed to shower before any more action could take place By now it was 1:30 in the morning and Meg was about worn out. We all showered and the guys got dressed,  She asked them if she was a good slut and they said hell yes.  We got Steves number and email. Meg told Steve that she really wanted to have him fuck her pussy.

Steve told her he could really go for that he pinched her Nipples and said I have a buddy thats got a cock about the same size if you guys like we could setup a date. Meg looked at me and Hummed the Happy Birthday song.  she Thanked the Jim and Steve for the wonderful adventure and said I would get a hold of them since she was my Slut, But she knew it would be soon and she would be looking forward to it.

The guys left the camera and headed home for the night , We watched the tape till the sun came up and Meg sucked my cock for us to watch. and I asked Meg if she had enjoyed herself she said yes and said she wanted to know what else Sally had done. I contacted the Guys for Megs /party/birthday-party/">birthday party Steve Jim and his friend Ray. 2 weeks till count down Meg can hardly wait. Neither can I.