Wrong ass

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Wrong ass

It was late night and I was drunk. I had no hurry to go out of the bar but the bar tender asked me to get out because he wants to close it. Therefore, I leaved the bar and hastened towards home while fully drunk. On my way, next to the intersection, I heard a sound from darkness.

I went towards it and wondered with what I saw. An ass was in the rubbish bin! I told myself: "what the fuck is this? Why they have dropped this ass here? It is a young pale one. white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie It will work at least more than five year". I masticated my dick and masturbated.

After /erection/">erection, I slipped it smoothly in that ass and began singing: Jesus is my shepherd. He gives me anything I yearn. Thanks for /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass". I pumped it until I came. Then I went home and slept.

Tomorrow I hardly remembered what happened last night. I was reading a newspaper, which a title gained my attention: PARACHUTIST /stranger/stranger-fuck/fucked-by-stranger/">fucked by stranger!

The text of the news was this: "last night the famous adventurer Barbara Jason decided to experience landing with parachute at night. It was windy so she could not control the parachute so she landed in a rubbish bin while her hands and legs were in the stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv bin and her ass out of it.

Somebody has done her bareback. The police are seeking for the rapist!"