Bisexual Camping

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Bisexual Camping

Karen an I went camping xxx sex video download free com for a few days. On the first night we got there, there were two guys at the camp site beside who we had assumed were just buddies. Well later that night, we heard them and realized they were more than buddies;) the one was quite vocal, and you could hear the other keep telling him to be quiet.

We didnt mind, as it turned us both on so much that we were quietly fucking while listening to them. The next night, we were sitting by the camp fire smoking a joint, and noticed there was only one guy over by his camp fire this time and the second vehicle was gone. So we invited him over to join us for a smoke if he was down with that. He gladly came over, and told us his name was Greg. We lit another and while we were sitting there, Karen could not keep her mouth shut. She asked him where his "very /friend/good-friend/">good friend" was and he turned so red you could see it even though it was very dark. He said "oh my god, did you guys hear us last night? I am so sorry." he looked at me while saying that, as I think he was worried I did not like it. I said "hey it is no worries, thanks to you guys I got quite the lay last night." he laughed and my suspicion was right, he said "it didnt bother you guys?" We both shook our heads.

He said his friend was just up for the one night. To which Karen teased him, "for a booty call" He took a toke and said I guess you could say that. She then offered up that I am bisexual, so we were not bothered. Greg was quite shocked and said really? You dont come across bi? I replied "that is how we keep it quiet." with a big smile on my face. He passed the joint back to Karen and she came over took a toke and leaned into me blowing the smoke into my mouth as I inhaled. "your turn" she said as she passed the joint to Greg. With a smile on his face, Greg came over, and sat on my lap facing me.

He took some smoke in his mouth, and laid his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and took in the smoke. He pulled back while I exhaled and came back in for a kiss. As he kissed me, I grabbed his ass, and worked my way to his neck with my mouth. Karen let this go on for a bit longer and said "uhmm, still sitting here." Greg stepped off me and went to sit back down. Karen said how about me as she pulled her hair aside exposing her neck. Greg went over, and began kissing her neck and caressing her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts. I got up and joined them. I kissed her mouth while he went on with her neck, then we switched. All the while Karen was rubbing her now /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy through her pants. Greg came up and kissed Karens mouth before moving on to mine. As we all kissed together, Karen suggested we take this into the tent. We got into the tent and all of us immediately started undressing.

I told Greg I wanted his ass, and he bent over readily. "No" Karen said. "I want to watch you take a cock in your ass." Up to now, I had only ever sucked a dick and fucked someone in the ass. I had never taken one. "What?" I replied. "You heard me, lye down and get ready to be fucked." I was a little worried, but I did what she said and laid on my back with my legs up. Greg then kneeled down by my ass and put a condom on. He tried to put it in, but it would not go. "It hurts too much!" I exclaimed. "You just need to relax." said Greg and while saying that Karen popped a bottle of Vaseline out of her bag.

She then slowly rubbed the Vaseline all over Gregs /dick/big-dick/">big dick. Greg then came down and started to kiss me. While we were making out, he slowly entered my now ready ass. It hurt a bit at first, but as I relaxed it began to feel amazing. He sat up and grabbed my ankles as he thrust his /cock/big-cock/">big cock in and out of my ass. I looked over at Karen, and she was laying there rubbing her clit with a big smile on her face. "Do you want me to help you with that?" I asked. "Sure!" she replied as she came over to me. I fingered her pussy while Greg grabbed her tits as he pumped my ass. I grabbed her and pulled her pussy over towards my face as she let out an approving moan. She then straddled my face looking at him. I started eating her pussy while he /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass. "suck my tits" she told Greg While he fucked my ass, and sucked her tits, I licked her pussy to her ass.

She was obviously also enjoying this as my chin was dripping with her pussy juice. This went on a for a little bit and then he started fucking me faster and harder. Karen jumped off my face and began sucking my cock. He was now ramming my ass to the point of uncomfort, but I didnt care. I could tell he was going to cum, and the thought of him cumming in my ass had me so turned on and horny. (even if he was wearing a condom) "yeah fuck me, fuck me!" I said. Shit, I sound like Karen when I am about to cum in her i thought to my self. "Im going to cum!!!" he yelled. Karen stopped sucking my cock to watch. Then I felt it, "im cumming!!! He exclaimed. I could feel his dick expand in my ass! It was pulsing, and felt so good!

With his dick still in my ass, he bent over and started to kiss me. I was so turned on, and my dick was so hard I think I could have came without even touching it. "my turn now" I said. "Hang on, before he gets fucked, I want to get fucked!" Greg and I both laughed. You could see how horny she was having just watched that. Greg pulled out and took the condom off, while Karen got on top of my dick. Her pussy was so wet, you could hear it as she rode me. Greg came up and stuck his cum covered dick beside my face. He didnt need to say anything. I love the taste of cum and took his now almost fully soft dick in my mouth.

Karen then turned around and rode me with her ass facing me. She told Greg to come and lick her clit while she fucked me, to which he was happy to do. It wasnt long before I heard her scream, "Im cumming!" She came all over my dick! At this point I was trying my best not to cum as I was dying to get it in Gregs ass. Karen got off me and said I want to get fucked hard. I told her I was too close to cumming to fuck her like how she wanted. She looked at me and said "I wasnt talking to you." As I looked at Greg he had a big smile on his face and during the time Karen was fucking me while being eaten out, he had become hard again. Greg put on a condom and stuck his cock in her pussy.

Karen and I always have great sex and I know she is happy, but as he put it in her, you could tell she appreciated a different cock inside her pussy. Rather than get upset by this, I actually got really turned on by watching her enjoy getting fucked by another guy. While he was fucking her, I began to suck on her /tits/nice-tits/nice-big-tits/">nice big tits. "Suck them harder she said" as I sucked I saw she was already rubbing her clit again. Karen is normally a one shot girl, but not tonight. I came up and stuck my cock in her mouth. Then I moved her hand away from her clit so I could rub it, and she could concentrate on my cock. During this Greg was ramming the shit out of her pussy! "Oh my god! Oh fuck! Fuck! She screamed" taking a break from sucking me off. I started rubbing faster as she rocked her hips and pulled Greg in against her. She was cumming again! I couldnt help but laugh. This was the most I had seen her get turned on ever. "stay inside her" I told Greg.

While he was still inside her, I went behind Greg and stuck my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick deep in his ass as he moaned. He was definitely not an anal virgin, as my dick slid right in his loose /asshole/">asshole. I started fucking his ass hard and deep, so the pressure from me had him pushing into Karens pussy. He moaned, she moaned, I moaned! We were all loving it!!! It felt so good to be inside his ass! I was waiting all night for this, and it had now been about a year since the last time my dick was in a /ass/guys-ass/">guys ass. "I want to ride you" he said. I thrust for a bit longer, and then pulled out. "I am not going to last for too much longer" I warned him. "neither am I, he replied" as he sat his ass down on my dick. He started bouncing up and down on my cock, and all I could focus on was his cock and balls bouncing up and down slapping my stomach. I started jerking his cock while he grinded my dick. I couldnt hold it, I was cumming.

As much as I wanted to keep going, I was cumming, and it was fucking amazing! He also started cumming all over my stomach. We were both done. He got up off my dick and layed down beside me. "how was that?" he asked Karen and I (Karen was now laying on the other side of me) "Do you have to even ask?" I replied. "Now I see why your friend was so vocal" Karen sexxxx video ful hd said.

We must have all dozed off sometime after that, as I woke up to both of them sleeping beside me still naked. Greg looked even better in the day light, and Karen was laying there looking very pleased in her sleep.