Choir boy gets caught by his attractive friend

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Choir boy gets caught by his attractive friend

It was my last year of high school and, for the /first-time/">first time, I had made it into an honors choir event. free porn movies download I was really excited about getting to sing, but what made me the most excited would be getting to room with the really hot bass from my school. His name was Andrew. I had always had something for Andrew, but I was always afraid to act on it because he was a really conservative Christian, who would mostly likely never look at me again if he knew I liked him. He was around my height and was tan. But what I enjoyed most were his muscles. He wasn't extremely muscular, but his biceps slightly caused the sleeves on his T'shirt to stretch, his stomach was tight enough to show some definition, and he had the infamous ”V” leading me to where I really wanted to go.

When we arrived at the hotel we all went up to the room to leave our bags and settle in. when everyone was done unpacking, Andrew and the rest of the guys in my
room, decided to go to the swimming pool. Me, being the stupid one, forgot to pack swim trunks. So as I was sitting on the bed watching everyone else get ready, Andrew asked if I wanted to go down to the pool with them. I told him I would go down later, but right now I really just wanted to lie down (which was a lie). When everyone had left the room, I started to pull my shorts down to jack off. As I was doing that I saw where Andrew had thrown his /underwear/">underwear on the ground. I instantly stood up and picked them up off the floor. I had fantasized about his cock for the longest time and I knew that this would be the closest I would ever get. So I laid back down on the bed and started to rub my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick as I smelled the inside of his boxer briefs. It was almost intoxicating. The smell of his masculine crotch sweat was turning me on. I slowly lowered the underwear down to my own throbbing cock and slowly rubbed it up and down imagining his cock slowly rubbing against mine.

In that very seconded I heard someone slide their room key in the door. I threw his underwear back on the floor and I tried to pull my pants up as fast as I could. I didn't have enough time to get them fully buttoned, not to mention the giant hard on I was trying to hold back. In came Andrew, still wet with the front of his swimming trunks sticking to his cock. Him seeing my unbuttoned pants asked,

”If you were horny you could have just let me know and I would have waited to come up and grab a towel.”

With my face bright red I said stupidly,

”What are you talking about?”

”Umm'the fact you your pants are unbuttoned and that you are sportin” full hd xvideo download a pretty large /boner/">boner”

I was caught. At least he didn't see me with his underwear in my hands. But as he was walking across the room to grab his towel he stopped and asked,

”Didn't I throw my underwear over there?”

My heart sunk, this was it. He was going to either beat the living crap out of me; our just never talk to me ever again. He smiled at me and then started to walk over to the bed

”So did you like the smell of my boxers?”


I responded stupidly.

Well do you want to smell the real thing?”

I was shocked. My /fantasy/">fantasy was coming true? I didn't know what to say or do, but, by the time I could think of something to say, he had already started to pull his swim trunks down revealing his soft 8-inch dick. I instantly started to caress it back and forth. I then opened my mouth and started to suck his semi erect cock. As I flicked it with my tongue he let out a moan of content.


Cried Andrew as I played with his now fully erect cock.

As I sucked his cock, he started to thrust his muscular hips towards me as he started to fuck my mouth. I was enjoying every bit of it. I started to message this inside of his /hard/hard-ass/">hard ass as he ran his hands through my curl brown hair. He then pulled away and started to take of my clothes. As he took off my pants, he opened his mouth and then started to suck my cock. I was surprised! I thought he was just a /guy/straight-guy/">straight guy taking advantage of a /guy/gay-guy/">gay guy. But I was wrong! He was gay too! I moaned with pleasure as he started to play with the head of my cock.


I lifted him up from my cock and started to kiss him. He kissed back with no hesitation. My dream had come true. He was gay and he felt the same way about me as I did about him! I then whispered in his ear

”I want you inside me.”

He gently flipped me over and then spread my ass apart. He first started to give me a rim job, which was something I would have not expected him to do! He then placed his bare cock inside my ass. He slowly thrusted himself inside and then started to gently fuck me. Feeling his cock inside made me want to shoot my load right then and there, but I wanted to save that for him.

We fucked for at least ten minutes with him trusting himself harder and faster into my ass, until he couldn't hold his load any longer. He then flipped me back over and then stared to jack off over my face. This was it! I could finally taste his /sweet/">sweet cum while he shot his load all over me. With a loud moan from Andrew, his warm cum shot on to my face. I instantly opened my mouth and tried to catch every last bit. The scent and taste of his cum was intoxicating! He then said,

”I want you to cum all over me now.”

So I got on top of him and started to jack off. While doing that I leaned forward and started to suck on his hard dark nipple. He must have liked that for the fact he tensed up and started to moan even louder than before. Right as he did that, I shot my load all over his chest. He then started to rub my cum all over himself while he thrusted his tongue down my throat. When we were done making, he stood up from the bed.

”I better get myself cleaned up and get back down to the pool,”

He said.

”The guys are going to wonder were I have been.”