Too Hott1

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Too Hott1

I was one of the most popular girls in school because I was so beautiful. What people did not know was my little dirty secret. I was a virgin but I wanted to get fucked so badly it was hard to keep away from guys. My ultimate crush was Derrick a hot Mexican who had barely moved here from California. He was one of the hottest guys in school. He had a beautiful smile and gorgeous emerald green eyes. The only problem was that he was really quiet and even though he was fine he never seemed to want to talk to girls. He was to shy to talk to them. I wanted him to cum in me so badly but I only fantasized of his beautiful body on top of me pumping inside none stop. 

I wanted my hymen ripped to shreds by his hard throbbing dick. My dream was about to come true sooner than I though. There was a flyer party that the whole school seemed to be going to. I dropped one in his locker just to make sure he was going. I wanted to know if he was going or not but I could not let my feelings get to me. Right after school I told one of my girlfriends to not drive me home that I would find another ride. Jesse was in the football and I knew Derrick very well. They usually rode home and being very popular I asked if he could give me a ride. I knew he didn’t have a car and that Derrick drove him home all the time. This was my chance to get Derrick. 

At first Jesse seemed concerned because it was not his car but after a few puppy faces he said he would ask Derrick. In lunch Jesse and Derrick sat at our cool table and Derrick agreed to take me. He did not seem to excited to be talking to the most popular girl in school. During the rest of the school day I spent it thinking about the moment I would go home. As sixth period class ended I raced to the parking lot were Jesse was already waiting. He tried to give me the eye and the sexy look maybe thinking I was after him when in /reality/">reality I was after Derrick. Then out of the gate came my man. He walked with only one strap of his backpack. The wind was sort of blowing and his hot six pack just showed a bit. He looked so wonderful I felt the temperature of my body rise. He came to me and said hi. As he was walking to open the door for me he dropped his keys and bent over to get them. 

There I saw the most beautiful sight in the world. He had the most beautiful round and /ass/big-ass/">big ass a guy wanted. I was about to drop an orgasm without being touched. He got in and drove me home. We pushed Jesse in the back and I got to sit next to him. As I arrived home I asked if he was going to the flyer party and he said of course. I told him I would see him there and gave him a kiss on the cheek in which he responded too. My entire face went bright red with excitement and my pussy tickled a bit. I waved goodbye as he went home.

Tomorrow would be the day I would be penetrated for the /first-time/">first time. As I took a shower I began to feel myself just imagining how he would fuck me without mercy. I put my finger in my mouth and let saliva drop onto it. I began to caress my breasts and slowly began to go south. I started touching my pussy as the warm water circulated it making the heat even stronger. I began to massage it and I began to feel this strong passion in between my legs. The fever was immense and I could hardly resist it. I added more pressure but careful enough to make sure I did not penetrate my virgin pussy. It was getting very difficult to tame this feeling and I could hardly resist shoving a couple of fingers in between my /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy.

 I wanted penetration and the massaging was getting more intense than ever. I could hardly resist it and suddenly a small explosion that gave me so much pleasure immediately took all over me. I dropped to the floor letting my orgasm take up as much hold as possible. I rested as the heat of my warm pussy slowly began to leave my system. Before I went to bed I took some pills to make sure I did not get pregnant.
The next day I waited impatiently for that night. I told Nick, one of my /gay/gay-friends/">gay friends, and he told me he would keep it on the DL and prepare a good old waman xxxgx room for me. Finally the afternoon came when the party was about to start. I shaved my pussy and did a few crunches to loosen it up for tonight. My friends picked me up and I was dressed to kill. I was clearly the most beautiful of all five. 

When we arrived the party was going and I saw Jesse with a couple a friends. Derrick was not with them and I began to look for him. I saw him over by the drinks and a bitch was talking to him. That slut was looking for something but I was going to get it first. I walked up to him and asked him if he wanted to dance. The girl gave me a dirty look and before Derrick could answer I took him to the dance floor. I began to /freak/">freak on him and he just stood there dumb struck. I could care less I was enjoying touching his entire body except down stairs. I asked if something was wrong and he turned bright red saying he did not know how to dance. I told him I would show him but he seemed unwilling to try. I turned around and went down. With my ass I moved up from his knees all the way to his dick. I moved my ass in and moved it around so he could get a feel of it. 

He pushed his ass out but I kept going in. I wanted him and I could care less if he though I was a slut or not. Then as I rubbed in one more time I felt a strong bulge on my ass. He had gotten a boner and I was so excited my entire body went hot with fever I wanted to have the feel of it but he seemed to have been to embarrassed. It looked so strong and so big just fantasizing wanted me to freak him out. He got my hand and said it would be better if we sat down. We sat down but I could not help starring at the big bulge of his pants. bokep sma pecah perawan When we sat down I tried to get up on him but he would not let. I put my legs on top of his but he gently set them down. Then for the first time I looked at him really closely. He was so goddamn hott. He had beautiful clear skin and even though he was Mexican he was still very light brown. He had gorgeous emerald green eyes that just looking into them turned me on. He had a nice pointy, small but /cute/">cute nose. Then his lips. God I wanted them all over mine. They were beautiful. 

The bottom one was big with a nice flip to it. The top one was big but flat up like a board. It was too gorgeous and too hot for me to resist. I went in to give a kiss but he pushed me away asking me if I wanted something to drink. I knew I would not get my wish tonight so I said I would go get them. I got two beer and some tequila shots in a tray I brought them to him but he seemed unwilling to drink so I took up the first shot and drank some beer. I could not handle it and spat it out. He laughed and said white people did not know how to drink so I told him to show me. He got two shot and devoured them and drank an entire beer without stopping. God I could feel my pussy twitching asking me to give it something. I wanted to get him drunk but it seemed impossible. He stopped and said he did not want to drink in a very firm voice. I went to go get something to eat when I saw Nick. I asked if he had everything ready and he responded saying of course. This was my opportunity. I went back to the couch and asked him if he could accompany me to the restroom. He was not about to answer when I got his hand and pulled him to the restroom. I locked the door and pretended to pee when in reality I was touching my pussy. It was damp and I wanted him so badly. I washed my hand and stepped outside.

He was there waiting for me patiently looking at everyone. He looked at me and I looked back. In less than a nanosecond my brain told me I needed to kiss him to show him I wanted him. I sort of jumped on him and began to press my lips on his. It was marvelous it was like kissing a cloud made out of honey. Then he pushed his tongue into my mouth and I suddenly felt like I was about to drop. My body temperature skyrocketed and I pushed him against the wall and held onto his head. God this feeling was marvelous his honey taste in his mouth made me want more. I pushed my tongue wildly but then he pushed me away. I felt as if this was the end but then he grabbed my lips with his teeth and began to caress them. He calmly put my top lip in between his gorgeous lips and began to move them around. God that felt as if I was about to have an orgasm.