My wifes and my first time with a friend

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My wifes and my first time with a friend

My wife, Jan and I had been married 18 years when we first started to dicuss the possibility of a third person in our bed. A close friend, Rob, was coming to visit for a few days and we talked about giving him some "loving". Rob was my /friend/best-friend/">best friend and had known both of us back to when were we dating. 

Rob arrived soon enough and I took a few days off from work to entertain him. As we visited the local attractions, we caught milf porn videos up on old times. He had divorced his wife a number of years ago and was now single. I had known Pat from way back and we had often double dated. She was a real looker and I had always wondered what she was like in bed.

"Now that you are divorced" I asked Rob. "Tell me, was Pat good in bed?"

"The best" Rob replied. "She would suck and fuck all night long. There was nothing that girl would not do" Rob asked; "How is Jan?"

I told Rob that we had a great sex life, and Jan would also do anything, except /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex. The conversation turned to how horny Rob was. I told him that if he played his cards right, Jan was enough woman for both of us. I glanced down at his crotch and could see the start of an /erection/">erection in his shorts. I knew from the past that he had a good sized penis, and it was larger than mine.

We continued to talk during the day and he found out that I had always wondered about giving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex to a guy, someone I really trusted. He told me that I might get my chance, and it was now my turn for a hard on.

That evening, after dinner, we sat in the living room and talked. Of course, the conversation turned to sex very soon. Rob commented about the beauty of Jan's breasts under her silk shirt.

"Would you like to see them?" I asked.

"I would love to.", Rob replied.

I removed Jan's shirt and as Rob watched from across the room, I toyed with her nipples. 

"She has the greatest nipples", I told Rob. "they stand up very proud when you play with them".

I played with Jan's nipples until I knew that she was really turned on and then invited Rob to come help me. He crosssed the room and soon was sucking on one tit, while I did the same to the other. 

Quickly, Jan was naked, and laying down on the couch. Rob had shed his clothes and Jan's hand was stroking his /penis/large-penis/">large penis.

"Take him", I whispered in Jan's ear, as I slid off the couch and sat on the floor.

Jan and Rob explored each other with hands and mouths for a few minutes. Rob climbed on top of my wife and spread her legs. He entered her slowly, as she gasped in pleasure. He started moving in and out in that age old ritual between an man and woman.

"She likes it hard" I told Rob. 

Rob increased his pace and soon was slamming his cock into her for all he was worth. I could tell that Jan was getting ready to come and told Rob to "finish" her. He continued stroking her and soon she came, hard. Rob thrust deep into her and his asscheeks got tight as he filled her pussy with his sperm.

Jan looked at me with love in her eyes, and said,"Clean up his mess"

I had never ate Jan after sex, but I had not come yet and was just horny enough to do it. I lowered my mouth to her red, swollen pussy. I inserted my tounge and started eating her. Rob's sperm entered my mouth and I got a good taste of the goo. There was so much that I had to keep swallowing it blowjob porn videos as it poured out from Jan's pussy. She soon came again and when she contracted her pussy muscles during the orgasm, I was faced with another large gob of Rob's come. It tasted great, mixed with the taste of Jan's pussy.

Jan often goes to sleep after a couple of orgasms. She drifted off to sleep and Rob was sitting back across the room stroking his cock back into hardness.

"Now it is your turn to do what you have always wanted to" Rob said as he looked down at his hardning cock.

"What?" I asked, acting as if I did not know what he was talking about. "What do you want?"

"I want you to come over here, get on your kness, and suck my cock" Rob replied.

I did just that, walking across the room and kneeling before his magnificent rod. I stroked it slowly and lightly as Rob suggested. With my heart beating on hundred miles an hour, and my cock still unsatisfied, I took him into my mouth. My head was stroking up and down as Rob encouraged me.

"You are a good cocksucker for a novice" Rob grunted.

I felt a hand on my back and stopped for a moment to see Jan kneeling beside me. 

She whispered to me, as she took Rob's cock in her mouth, "Here is how you suck a cock" 

Her head bobbed up and down. She soon stopped and told me it was my turn. My mouth engulfed his raging cock and it was now my turn to suck.

"I going to come" Rob announced and I started to withdraw, because I wasn't ready to let him come in my mouth.

"No- you don't" Jan whispered fiercely. "You wanted to suck, and you will take him" she continued.

My loving wife then held my head on Rob's cock as he spurted a gigantic load of come into my mouth. I started to gag, but Jan's hands on my head held firm.

"Swallow his come" she instructed.

I did as told, and soon his softening cock slipped from between my lips. Rob told us how great that was and soon slipped off to bed. I couldn't help but loving my wife even more. She had taken his cock, taught me how to suck a cock, and made me eat come, all in one great night.

The next night Jan and Rob fucked again on the couch, and again I was treated to Rob's come from Jan's pussy. This time when Jan fell asleep, Rob told me to meet him in his guest room, where I found out what it was like to take a cock up my ass. But that is another story. 

When Rob left a few days later, he thanked me for the "good" times, and promised to return again next year.

"After all" he said, "You will be my personal cocksucker" "You can get me hard so that I can fuck your wife, while you watch"

I told him that I couldn't wait until next year, as we parted.