A Florida-Style Tailgate in NYC with Florida Orange Juice! #OJTailgate #MC #Sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Florida Department of Citrus. I received promotional item to thank me for participating.

As some of you may know, E and I recently attended A Florida-style tailgate at Herald Square in NYC! E loves to come with me on trips to city and I’m glad I decided to take her along this time because she had such a blast! We are huge football fans so we enjoyed getting the chance to take part in the event!


Like many of you, Florida Orange Juice has become a staple in our household. While at the event, We had the opportunity to try samples of refreshing Florida Orange Juice which we ended up drinking a lot of! The juice served was no-pulp too which is our family favorite!


Getting to meet Erin Andrews was such a pleasure! Even E was excited to meet her even though she has no clue who Erin was. Erin was very friendly to the children that were in attendance. The group I was with was able to ask her questions and one thing that came up was what her favorite tailgating food. Like many of us, she enjoys fried chicken and nachos on game day! With that being said, She also told us that she keeps fit by exercising regularly!


E’s favorite part of the event was clearly the football toss the Florida Orange Juice team had set up. The staff allowed E to toss the football through the hole a few times before giving some others a turn. It was a lot of fun watching her and she had a great time getting to, “play football” as she called it!


I also can’t forget to mention that while at the event, we had the opportunity to sample some amazing grilled chicken made with a delicious Florida Orange Marinade! The Florida Orange Juice team was busy grilling up a storm and it looked like everyone who had the chance to try the chicken enjoyed it judging by the looks on their faces!


We actually tried this recipe on game day and it came out just as tasty as it did while at the #OJTailgate event! The Florida Orange Juice gave the juicy chicken this nice zing, perfect for tailgating! I think that the recipe would taste fantastic using pork instead of chicken and can’t wait to make it for our next Sunday night football get-together with friends! Thank you Florida Department of Citrus for providing this delicious recipe. Check it out below!



  • ¼ C 100% Florida Orange Juice
  • 1T lime juice
  • 1T jerk seasoning
  • 1t ginger, minced

Simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, pour the marinade over chicken skewers, cover and refrigerate at least three hours or overnight!

Florida Orange Juice helps add that extra zing all sorts of dishes!  What dishes or beverages have you made using Florida Orange Juice? 

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I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Florida Department of Citrus. I received promotional item to thank me for participating.

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    • Trisha says

      Aww Thank you!!! =D No-pulp is amazing! I’m not sure if I know anyone who actually enjoys drinking their OJ with the pulp, lol!

  1. says

    It looks like your family had a great time at this event. Orange juice is a good addition to pork and chicken dishes. I know my kids behave better if I give them a glass of OJ each morning so it does have special powers.

  2. katrina g says

    looks like every one was having a blast. we love orange juice in my house. we always have a gallon of it in the fridge.

  3. says

    Living in Florida is easy for us to drink Florida orange juice. There really is a difference in taste from using the real thing than the imitations that are sold in the stores. We love our orange juice.

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