The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball! @WubbleBall

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Have you heard of the Wubble Bubble Ball? If you haven’t, I’m sure your kids have! This toy was actually selected by Target as a 2014 Top Toy for the Holiday Season and has been listed among other popular toys and games that are sure to be on every holiday wish list!


The Wubble Bubble Ball inflates up to 3 feet but you can also inflate your Wubble to a smaller size, about 24-30 inches is suggested. Inflating it less makes it wigglier and stretchier and in my opinion, gives it more playability. According to the FAQ on the Wubble Ball website, Inflating it to a smaller size also makes the Wubble Ball a little more durable because it isn’t stretched as much.

When I brought the Wubble Bubble Ball over to my mom’s house so that my nephew Angel (age 6) and E (age 3) could play with it together, Angel instantly recognized it from the commercial he had saw on TV! He couldn’t wait to give it to try so my sister and I got to work on inflating it!

After removing the Wubble Ball from the box, We found four D batteries around the house to use for the pump that the ball comes with. To blow up the Wuble Ball, It took my sister and I about 15 minutes. I’m pretty sure positive that the reason it took us that long to inflate it was due to our own error because it should only take about 3 minutes to inflate it according to the instructions. We probably should have watched the instructional video that can be seen on YouTube before attempting to blow up the ball! After seeing the video on YouTube, I believe that we didn’t have the nozzle in deep enough. I consider this a lesson learned and will know better for next time!


Once we had the Wubble Bubble Ball inflated, Angel and E took the ball outside in the backyard to play with! They bounced, kicked, and tossed the ball around to each other. The ball is actually recommended for children 6+ but E had no problem using it.

At one point, Angel was laying on it which made me nervous becasue I was afraid of the ball potentially popping and after expressing to him my concern, Angel replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve seen them do this on the commercial!” This is true and since then, Angel and E have layed on it a few times just like the kids in the commercial! Angel also enjoys leaning against it and bouncing himself as he watched TV or does his homework.

I feel like even big kids will have a great time with the Wubble Ball. I’m a big kid at heart and had a fun time tossing the Wubble around with the kids. E had me throwing the Wubble as far as I could so she could chase it and kick it back to me.


You can also check out E and Angel getting crazy with the Wubble Ball in the Instagram video below!

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As a parent, I love how the Wubble Ball promotes active play and large motor skills in younger children. I also appreciate that the Wubble Ball has a lifetime replacement guarantee! It costs just $6.99 to replace a Wubble Ball under the guarantee which I feel is reasonable. In my opinion, it’s pretty well made so unless the kids are being violent with it or playing with it near sharp objects, I can’t see it popping anytime soon.

We now keep the Wubble Ball where my nephew lives. Elise was distraught that we couldn’t take the Wubble Ball home with us so I suggested that she ask Santa for one and maybe he will bring it at Christmas! She now has a blue Wubble Ball on her Christmas wish list.

Wubble Ball is available at Target, Toys R Us and on the Wubble Ball website!

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Fireman Sam Ultimate Heroes Day at the New York City Fire Museum! #FiremanSam

This past weekend E and I visited the New York City Fire Museum for a special Fireman Sam Ultimate Heroes Day event. As some of you may know, October is Fire Safety Month so while at the event, we had the opportunity to experience interactive safety demonstrations with members of the FDNY. We also got to check out the new Fireman Sam toy line and had a sneak peek of the brand-new Fireman Sam: Ultimate Heroes movie that will debut on Amazon in November!


E couldn’t wait to check out the Fireman Sam toys and first went for the Fireman Sam Fire Engine Jupiter which has cool and realistic lights and sounds and even a water spray function! The Fire Station set includes a fully-movable action figure and accessories. Like the Fire Engine, the Fire Stations also has some light and sounds that any Fireman Sam fan is sure to enjoy! The Fire Station is definitely going on E’s holiday wish list! Make sure to check out all of the Fireman Sam Toys which are sold exclusively on Amazon!


All of the kids in attendance seemed to really enjoy the sneak peek of the Fireman Sam: Ultimate Heroes movie, including E who was entranced by the action packed movie! Check out the Synopsis:

Fireman Sam and his team are on a mission to save Pontypandy! When a hurricane threatens the town, emergencies pop up everywhere… from saving the Wildmen of Pontypandy to rescuing a group from the flooding mines to protecting their own new fire station. With new recruits, a new station, and a new rescue vehicle, these ultimate heroes are always ready to see the day!


Shortly after the sneak peak, the children heard from a member of the FDNY who discussed fire safety. After the discussion, the kids viewed a short video featuring Sparky the Fire Dog followed by a simulated fire event in a mock home environment.

I was really impressed with the how the children handled the simulated fire event, especially with their young ages! The kids and a few parents who were in the mock home went through a drill where the mock home was filled with theatrical smoke so that the children could practice how to properly escape a “fire” with the help of the instructor. I was so incredibly proud of E who handled the situation very well. I honestly expected her to be scared but boy, was I wrong! She and the other kids rocked that drill and as a parent, I appreciate this type of program.

We later explored the museum and had the chance to check out the different exhibits. There were a lot of great exhibits, most geared towards adults but others were appropriate for children and students. I recommend checking out the New York Fire Museum if you ever visit NYC! E really liked the getting to view the old fire trucks and they even have an area where the kids can try on gear such as hats, jackets, etc.


Fireman Sam: Ultimate Heroes makes its world debut on Amazon on November 4th 2014! Don’t forget to check out the Fireman Sam products which are on Amazon’s 2014 Holiday Toy List!

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Celebrate those mini milestones with Netflix! #StreamTeam

We all experience milestones whether big or small. It could be landing your dream job, getting married, purchasing your first home or even having a baby. In my family’s case, our upcoming mini milestone is having our second child this coming December! E is going to be able to experience being a big sister for the first time and we are going to experience life with a daughter and now a son!


Our kids have a lot worth celebrating, too! From their first tooth to going to their first high school dance, these moments go far beyond the baby book. To help celebrate those mini milestones, check out the following list of movies and TV episodes that highlight a variety of achievements. Whatever “firsts” your family is celebrating this fall, Netflix can relate!

For your kids:


New Sibling: The Hive: S01E01, Babee’s Room
Losing Your First Tooth: Super WHY: S01E10, The Story of the Tooth Fairy
Getting Glasses: Arthur: S15E09, Through the Looking Glasses
First Sleepover: Bratz Kidz: Sleep-over Adventure


First Trick-or-Treat: Julius Jr.: S01E06, Dressed for Spook-cess
First Pet: Beethoven
First Move: The Croods
First Big Game: D2: The Mighty Ducks


First Spelling Bee: Akeelah and the Bee
First Dance: Kickin’ It: S01E20, The Wrath of Swan
First Break-Up: Good Luck Charlie: S01E20, Girl Bite Dog
First Road Trip: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives


First Kiss: Wizards of Waverly Place: S01E02, First Kiss
First Job: Good Burger
First Time Babysitting: The Baby-Sitters Club
First Concert: Taylor Swift: The Journey to Fearless

Plus a few major milestones for mom and dad:


New Job: The Office
Getting Married: My Fair Wedding with David Tutera
Having a Baby: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Life as a Parent: Parenthood
Running for Office: Parks & Recreation
Buying a Home: House Hunters

Another one of our favorite firsts? Going to the movies! Check out these tips from Common Sense Media to make sure your child’s first trip to the theater is a great one!

What mini milestones have your kids celebrated recently? 


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Making Math Fun with Tiggly Counts Preschool Learning Apps and Counting Toys!

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I’m a big fan of learning apps that promote different skills and like that apps encourage little ones to learn through play! I find it amazing how far technology has come and love being able to incorporate this kind of learning in my daughter’s life. Also, as a parent, I love that we are able to take learning on-the-go and are not restricted to just using apps at home.


I’m excited to help introduce Tiggly Counts which is the the first fun math toy for preschoolers! The app adds that missing piece to the thousands of math apps that exist today: physical pieces! Tiggly Counts, which is intended for children ages 3 and older, is inspired by classic cuisenaire rods used in Montessori education. Tiggly Counts includes a set of five (5) colorful counting toys that interact with three free parent- and educator-approved Tiggly iPad learning apps which are:

  • Tiggly Addventure: Tiggly sets off an adventure to deliver the most delicious apple in Tiggly Town to his beloved grandmother! Along the way, Tiggly will need you to use your counting toys to build bridges, ladders, and much more to help him overcome challenges on the land, sea, and even outer space!
  • Tiggly Cardtoons: A world of playful and surprising learning comes alive at the speed of imagination as your child uses their counting toys. Two pieces of cardboard become a juggling owl, or a hungry shark with a taste for apples, or a rumbling truck carrying… snakes?!
  • Tiggly Chef: Emergency in the kitchen! Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef needs help, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his preposterously silly recipes. Think you can beat the Chef at his own game? Devise your own kooky culinary concoctions in one of Chef’s three kitchens!

Each app encourages learning skills that little ones can develop while playing with the apps:

  • Tiggly Addventure introduces the child to number line concepts while helping him improve his number sense and counting skills.
  • Tiggly Cardtoons will help your child learn basic math ideas such as one-to-one matching, counting, and equal sets
  • Tiggly Chef will help your child learn numbers and early addition concepts; he will introduce him/her to math symbols, and encourage them to follow instructions and to think flexibly.

Other Tiggly Counts features and facts:

  • Tiggly Counts will delight every child, and become every parent’s dream come true when it comes to learning math!
  • The combination of physical and digital play helps children develop their number sense, counting skills, and understanding of math operations, such as addition and subtraction.
  • Tiggly Counts comes with 3 free learning apps and a felt carrying pouch for easy storage & transportation.
  • Tiggly Counts are safe for ipads (and for the kids!)
  • Counts is simple to use
  • Doesn’t require any additional objects aside from the counting toys and the ipad, no settings, bluetooth etc.
  • Even though Tiggly Counts doesn’t launch until November, they’ve already won the 2014 Tillywig Brain Child Award as one of the most “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.”
  • You can mention Tiggly Shapes (their first product) as well and the fact they won 8 awards if they like to ( not necessary)

Right now you can use code the code TIGGLYCOUNTS for 30% off by clicking here! This code expires on 11/21 so use it while you can!

Who in your family do you think would benefit from Tiggly Counts? What is your favorite feature?

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Enter for the chance to win a Tiggly Counts set of five colorful counting toys using the Giveaway Tools form below! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ and ends on October 21st at 11:59 PM EST. Good Luck!

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Getting Crafty with Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape!

When I would think of Duct Tape, I always visualized the plain old silver tape. Duct tape is no longer the plain silver I had grew to know, Scotch now offers new cute prints and fashionable colors with there Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape that have grown in popularity!


I know you most of you have probably seen those cute duct tape crafts around Pinterest and other places on the internet, maybe you even know someone who makes things with the new printed duct tape from Scotch? I was asked to tap into my creative side with the help of these 4 printed rolls of Scotch Duct Tape and at first, I had no clue what I was going to do! I know I am not crafty enough to fashion one of those super cute wallets or bags so I began looking around my house for ideas.

My husband had a benefit one weekend and he was making a tarp throw game, I offered to help by using my new Scotch Duct Tape, it ended up being a huge success everyone who came to the event asked where we got the idea and the printed tape, I explained that it’s the super cute Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape, they were all amazed and most never realized Duct Tape came in such great prints and colors!


The second craft idea I had came to me when I was getting my son’s school room put together for when he began cyber school earlier this month. He would need pencils and all I had were the plain yellow ones so I decided to doctor them up a bit, again using Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape! It was really simple to create, I just took small strips of the Duct Tape and wrapped them around the pencils until they were fully covered. The Duct Tape holds up well under the pressure of constant use!

Another fun creation we worked on was my daughter’s school desk! My son and his friend brought this old plastic school desk home one day and at first, I was going to put a chalk board on the top to cover the broken table top. I then decided to use the Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape to make my daughter’s desk like new again. She tried to help but being 2.5 years old, she got more of the tape stuck to her than to her desk. In the end I personally think her desk turned out adorable! What do you think?


As you can see from my few examples, there are endless ways to use the new Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape and you are only limited by your imagination!  I had a lot of fun with the 3 crafts I did and the kids loved helping. We actually plan on working on more crafts using the Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape! My son has since asked me to purchase some “boyish colors and prints” (he wasn’t too fond of using the girl colors, haha!).

Scotch has so many new prints and colors I am sure there is something for everyone and for every craft! It’s easy to use so you can have fun with the whole family!

Have you tried any duct tape crafts yourself? How did they turn out?

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