5 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy When They’re Bored! #FiOSNY

E has had quite a few days off from school in the past month due to holidays, winter break, and that sort of thing. Being that I work from home, keeping both E and her brother Aric busy can be quite a challenge! It’s already rough with my toddler who’s in a stage where he wants mommy’s attention. I’ve discovered a few ways that keep them occupied while mom is working, cleaning, or doing other things I need to do.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy at Home When They’re Bored!

Introduce “new” toys!

I’m the type of mom who likes to rotate toys. Every couple of months when I see that a particular toys aren’t getting used as much, it usually means my kids are bored of it. I’ll pack it away in the closet and a few months later when I pull it back out, the kids act like the toys are brand new!

Craft kit!

Before having children, I worked as a preschool teacher. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of crafting materials such as pipe cleaners, pom-poms, googly eyes, and etc. A while back I decided to make a small rainy day craft kit that that the E could use. In it, we keep the supplies mentioned above plus a glue stick, a pair of scissors, construction paper and some other materials. I prepare by covering my table with newspapers and then let the kids go at it, allowing their creativity flow!

Tablet time!

If I would allow it, E would be on a tablet all day! We limit her time on it so when she does get to use it, the device keeps her distracted for a longer period of time. She enjoys watching her favorite YouTubers and playing games like Captain McFinn’s Swim and Play, an interactive app perfect for preschoolers. We also allow her to watch shows and movies on the FiOS Mobile App. The Parental Settings allow us to block content that might not be age appropriate.

Books and puzzles

We have a bookcase full of stories for our kids to enjoy. E is just learning to read and Aric likes looking at the pictures in his board books. I make sure to pull a few books of the shelf that the kids haven’t looked at in a while it this usually keeps their interest.

My kids also love puzzles! We have a few different types of puzzles. Aric typically plays with the knob puzzles and both kids enjoy the big floor puzzles we have. E and Aric are young so the less pieces, the easier it is for them to put together. This may sounds like a bad thing but for young ones, it means that they won’t get discouraged when putting them together. 😉

TV time

If all else fails, I put on E and Aric’s favorite shows and movies using FiOS On Demand. I can find titles using my remote or on my FiOS Mobile App which makes searching for kid-friendly entertainment easy. The Kids Zone offers a ton of new and popular films the little ones can enjoy.

With all of the devices we have connected to our network like E’s tablet, cell pones, etc., We’re glad to have the reliability of Verizon FiOS. If you’re not a FiOS Customer, Visit the Verizon FiOS website to learn more about FiOS Quantum TV, lightning fast internet and Digital Voice!

How do you keep your kids busy when they’re bored?

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Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

For me, the most memorable and fun moments with my little ones are usually the messiest. We’ve encountered a lot of messy firsts. Instead of worrying about the clean-up, I participate in the fun! I’ve learned to embrace messes big and small because I know Bounty has me covered when the time comes to clean up!

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

Bounty is there to clean up the messes so parents can enjoy those memorable moments. Bounty is 2x more absorbent vs. the leading ordinary brand and the roll can last 50% longer, so you don’t need to use as much to tackle the food splats, water spills and messy fingerprints.

Messy But Memorable First Birthday Bash

Aric and I were recently invited to the Messy But Memorable First Birthday Bash with Bounty and Kristin Cavallari. Not only is Kristin a designer and a New York Times best-selling author, she’s also a mom of three!

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

At the event, Attendees and their little ones had the opportunity to get messy by decorating a smash cake, creating handprint keepsakes and making flowers using a Bounty paper towel and some water color.

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

I think Aric’s favorite thing was getting messy with the paints. He had enjoyed exploring the different colors and textures. When he was done squirting the paints onto a plate, we pressed our hands into the paint and then onto a clean piece of paper to create a fun mommy and me handprint keepsake!

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

Cake Smash!

Although Aric’s first birthday was small, it sure was memorable! We didn’t have a smash cake but he did have a cake that he managed to dip his little fingers into. I was excited to see his reaction to his first smash cake. After helping my little man decorate the cake, we proceeded to the high chair…

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

Let’s just say his cake smash was more of a cake dab. He dipped his fingers into the icing and then wiped them off on the Bounty paper towel that was under the plate. Have you ever met a toddler that didn’t like getting his hands dirty? This was a fun and messy memorable moment that I won’t forget!

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

Once I gave him a fork, he dug right in! He liked licking the cake and icing off the fork and once he was done, I used a damp Bounty paper towel to clean him up a bit. I was very impressed with how easy clean up was. All we used was a little water and a Bounty paper towel which took care of the rest of the mess in a cinch!

Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Bounty! #QuickerPickerUpper

Tips for a Memorable Birthday Party from Kristin Cavallari!

Not only can a little one’s birthday be a memorable milestone, it can be a messy one! Kristin Cavallari has teamed up with bounty paper towels to share some quick tips she picked up while planning the birthdays of her little ones.

Remember Naptime: Most one-year-old’s and toddlers take afternoon naps, even on their birthdays. Try to plan parties around their nap to avoid a major meltdown during the celebration.

Plan for the Cake Smash: Have plenty of bounty paper towels on hand to wipe up the mess. You might even consider having bounty on the floor so the cake and frosting can be easily rolled up afterwords.

Keep it Simple: I’ve become a pro at healthy, easy, kid friendly recipes and a couple of my favorites are oats flour chocolate chip cookies and tacos. They’re delicious and crowd pleasers.

Make a Co-Party Promise: Even the host needs time to enjoy the party, so don’t be shy about asking a close friend or family member to help out!

Stay Ahead of the Mess: Keep paper towels, like Bounty, in different places around the house. It will help clean up more messes quickly.


Bounty understands that life is made up of many “messy firsts.” Because Bounty absorbs the messes quickly, you can enjoy the moment not the mess!

What types of messy firsts have you encountered with your little ones? Do you have any tips for making a birthday party a memorable one? 

Thank you Bounty for hosting and sponsoring this post! Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Get Truckin’ with Terrific Trucks on Sprout!

E and Aric love trucks! Aric enjoys playing with them and watching real ones in action. E on the other hand has always been interested in how trucks work. We occasionally talk about the different types of trucks and their uses.

Terrific Trucks sprout

When E and Aric saw the commercials for Terrific Trucks, a new series coming to the Sprout channel, their eyes lit up! Anytime the commercial comes on, Aric stops in his tracks just to watch it and E can’t wait for the premiere of the show. To say that they are excited is an understatement!

Terrific Trucks

About Terrific Trucks:

Terrific Trucks follows five live action truck friends with big personalities. Join Tork (the dump truck), Dug (the digger), Sparky (the front end loader), Stotz (the semi) and Blinker (the scooper) as they take on big jobs each day in a fun, exciting and immersive environment that showcases the trucks in a close up style. Whether they are crushing cars, digging a foundation, or tearing down a barn, important lessons will be shared as the trucks overcome obstacles on projects to get the job done – proving nothing is too tough for Terrific Trucks when they work together!

We were invited to Diggerland in West Berlin, New Jersey for a preview of the show.


This was our first time visiting Diggerland which happens to be where the Construction Site Kids Song featuring Carly from the Sunny Side Up Show was filmed!

While there, We had the opportunity to explore the construction themed rides and check out the stunt show performed for guests. The show, featuring heavy equipment acrobatics and stunts, had the children present fully engaged. Even I was impressed!


We were treated to lunch while we watched an episode of Terrific Trucks and had the opportunity to hear from Amy Friedman, SVP, Programming and Development at Sprout.

Fun facts about the show:

  • Terrific Trucks is filmed with real trucks in a real world setting!
  • Filming took place at at a quarry outside of Toronto, Canada.
  • Each episode in the series is a half-hour with eleven minute segments.
  • Each truck has their unique personality and skills that they use to help the team get the job done!

Guest cameos on Terrific Trucks!

I was thrilled when I heard that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have cameos in Terrific Trucks throughout the season and will appear in additional episodes set to air in 2017.!

TERRIFIC TRUCKS -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Sprout)

TERRIFIC TRUCKS — Pictured: — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Sprout)

Dax Shepard appears in the premiere episode, “The Big Little Dig Tutor,” on July 9 as a mini-excavator named Digby. Both Bell and Shepard have cameos in “The Mini Truck Dream,” that will be airing on July 30th. Bell will be voicing Zippy, a mini-loader and the twin sister of Terrific Trucks series regular Blinker.


My thoughts:

As a parent, I love that the show is age appropriate and stimulates little minds while encouraging exploration, teamwork, problem solving and overcoming obstacles. It’s a show that both E and Aric can enjoy together and I look forward to watching all that the show has to offer little viewers!

Terrific Trucks on sprout

If your kids love trucks, they’re not going to want to miss the new TV series premiere this Saturday, July 9th at 9am ET on Sprout! Want a sneak peek? Download the Sprout Playground App! For more details on Terrific Trucks and Sprout, please visit www.sproutonline.com.

Do your little ones love trucks? Are they excited as we are?

Terrific Trucks

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Come Celebrate Helen Henny’s Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has always been one of our favorite family friendly places to eat, play, and party! It’s a place that I remember my parents taking me to when I was young and I’m glad I can share that experience with my own children. Not only is Chuck E. Cheese’s kid-friendly, it’s affordable and convenient. It’s also a fun place to celebrate birthdays! We were excited to hear that Helen Henny’s birthday was being celebrated this month at Chuck E. Cheese’s and recently headed there for the occasion!

Come celebrate Helen Henny’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s with these promotions!

If you don’t know that much about Helen, Here are some fun facts about one of our favorite Munch’s Make Believe Band members, Helen Henny!

  1. Helen Henny’s deep passion for music began at an early age, growing up in New York City—right down the street from Broadway!
  2. Helen is a vegetarian – no meat for this chick!
  3. Helen is a great singer, but she’s also an amazing gamer and takes pride in mastering every new game at Chuck E. Cheese’s
  4. Helen first met Chuck E. when he challenged her to a game of Pong (which of course she won!)
  5. Chuck E. invited Helen to join his band right on the spot when he heard her sing a victory song after their Pong match

E really enjoyed getting to play some of Helen Henny’s favorite games, one of those games being the Jumping Fun. As a mom, I love that this particular game encourages physical activity!

Chuck E Cheese Games

E spotted the Ticket Blaster, a booth where kids can catch as many tickets as they can within 30 seconds! She has fond memories of standing in it and catching tickets at her own Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party a few years ago.

Come celebrate Helen Henny’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s with these promotions!

After playing some games, we decided to give Chuck E. Cheese’s newer, thin & crispy pizza a try! The pizza dough used is made fresh in-house and is never frozen. This got a thumbs up from E who really enjoyed her slice. Make sure to give it a try during your next visit!

Come celebrate Helen Henny’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s with these promotions!

Come celebrate Helen Henny’s Birthday with these exclusive in-store promotions until May 27:

  • $1.50 Dippin’ Dots (Cookies’n’cream – Helen’s favorite flavor, 50% off)
  • Everyone gets a Helen Henny coloring sheet with 5 free token coupon when they leave
  • $2 off Helen Henny plush dolls (while supplies last)
  • Chance to win a pair of virtual reality headsets, a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and guest passes in the Helen Henny birthday sweepstakes (last day to enter is 5/27)

Participating locations include:

  • Omaha, NE – 225 N 76th St.
  • Spokane, WA – 10007 N. Nevada St.
  • Alexandria, VA – 6301 Richmond Hwy
  • Skokie, IL – 7142 Carpenter
  • Kendall, FL – 8701 SW. 124th Ave.
  • Queens/Flushing, NY – 40-24 Collage Point Blvd Ste 8213
  • Wilmington, NC – 4389 Oleander Drive
  • Maple Grove, MN – 12945 Elm Creek Blvd.
  • Boardman, OH – 521 Boardman Poland Rd.
  • Bakersfield, CA – 3760 Ming Ave.

Come celebrate Helen Henny’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese’s with these promotions!
What is your favorite fun fact about Helen Henny? Tell us in the comments below! 

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5 Ways You Can Teach Children About Electronic Recycling!

When you think of recycling, you are probably thinking paper, plastic, and cardboard but what about electronic waste? The electronics that you enjoy on a regular basis such as phones, computers, and tablets need to be recycled too. Recycling and properly disposing of electronic items is just as important for our environment.

electronic recycling

Copyright : Katarzyna Białasiewicz

I recently shared an article on twitter titled, How to Dispose of Electronic Waste on Earth Day – and Every Day. 

As a Verizon customer, I was happy to read about Verizon’s Green Team and how they are educating and helping others properly dispose of their e-waste. In the article was a great list of resources for properly discarding e-waste.

As a parent, This got me thinking about how important it is to include our children in the recycling process and teaching them the importance of electronic recycling. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 ways you can teach children about electronic recycling!

Take your kids to an electronic recycling center.
This is one of the best ways to teach your kids about electronic recycling. They get to see what happens firsthand when something needs to be recycled. Kids will be able to learn what happens to their iPhones, Androids, and PCs when they are no longer being used.

Do a little research.
Another great way to teach your children about electronic recycling is to show them what happens when electronics are not recycled. Electronics are not biodegradable and can’t break down on their own, which is why it’s important to recycle as much as possible. When you help your kids to do the research, they will understand the importance of recycling those electronics.

Coordinate an electronic recycling event.
Something that I have thought about but haven’t executed is actually coordinating a recycling event. How cool would it be to get everyone to bring in their old electronics for recycling? Instead of throwing stuff away, this is an awesome way to get the community involved. Your community may not understand how valuable it is to recycle their electronics, but with your kids’ help, they’ll learn in no time.

Find ways to upcycle old electronics.
While it’s really cool to get involved in recycling those old electronics, it’s also really cool to let your kids learn to upcycle too. Some kids are great at taking a computer and building something out of it. While upcycling is a really cool way to get your kids involved and to teach them about electronic recycling.


Copyright : Thierry VIALARD

Teach your kids to be proactive about electronic recycling.
While it’s fun to teach about electronic recycling, it’s not something you want to teach about just once and be done. Instead, make sure your kids understand the value behind being proactive about recycling electronics and other items. The future of the earth is dependent upon us taking care of it now!

What tips do you have for teaching children about electronic recycling? I’d love to hear your tips!

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