Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from Allstate!

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It’s hard to believe that my oldest is headed back to school! Summer break came and went and now we’re gearing up for not only the new school year, but all of the extracurricular activities that come when school starts. For me that means a lot of chauffeuring E around! Whether it be twirling on a Friday night or our bi-weekly Girl Scout meeting, there always seems to be something on our schedule. As a busy mom on-the-go, I’m always looking for ways to save time. No matter what that our schedule is like, the QuickTrip App from Allstate has us covered!

Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from @Allstate! #ad

QuickTrip App from Allstate

I was recently introduced to the QuickTrip app from Allstate which is a free app available for iOS devices. The app optimizes your to-do list and has some great features that can save time in your day!

Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from @Allstate! #ad

Sync calendars and reminders

I use Google Calendar for my schedules. I say schedules becauae I have different ones I use for personal and business use. In my calendars I keep the dates, times and places (where applicable) of appointments, activities, events, and deadlines. I love being able to sync up my calendars in the QuickTrip app and can also manually add any task if need be! For example, things like picking up E from school or purchasing stamps at the post office aren’t typically on my calendar but are things that need to be done. With QuickTrip I give each task a name, location and time frame in which it needs to be completed. These added reminders help when I’m optimizing my route on the app.

Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from @Allstate! #ad

Optimized route

There are days where I’m driving from place to place. School-drop offs followed by appointments and other errands. This is why I appreciate that the QuickTrip app can optimize my route based on the location and traffic. After selecting the optimize option, the app simply reorders my tasks to give me the most efficient multi-stop route. This helps plan my day and saves me time from trying to figure out where to squeeze less important tasks.

Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from @Allstate! #ad

I can view the route in QuickTrip and then select “Start driving” to open directions in my Google Maps app. Google Maps is always my go-to for driving directions but the QuickTrip app allows you to choose between that, Apple Maps or Waze.

Saving Time this School Year with the QuickTrip App from @Allstate! #ad

Keep track of vehicle maintenance!

With all the driving around I do during the school year, it’s important to keep up with vehicle maintenance. I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget things like oil changes and tire rotations. I was relying heavily on my husband for reminders but now I can get them with my QuickTrip app! All I did was scan my VIN number, add my mileage and due date for my next oil change. The app also provides me with any recall notices specific to my vehicles which is helpful!

We’re excited for what’s to come this school year! With how busy life can get, I’m glad that I have the QuickTrip App from Allstate to save us time when on-the-go! Download the QuickTrip App today and tell me, what’s your favorite feature?

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