Cord Blood Banking: 5 facts you should know! #CordBlood411 #MC

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Cord Blood Registry. I received promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, When I was pregnant with E, my OB sent me home with a bag full of brochures, parenting magazines and other information. While sifting through the pile of brochures, I came across some information regarding cord blood banking. At the time, I had never heard of cord blood banking it and and sort of just scanned the brochure. When I brought it up to my OB, She brushed off the subject and told me that I wouldn’t be able to bank cord blood at the hospital. End of story.

After E was born, I kept hearing more and more about banking cord blood and I hate to admit it, I never felt fully informed about cord blood banking. I feel that parents aren’t given enough information on this topic when they are about to have a child. There is so much more information I wish I had known.


When I was offered the opportunity to attend the Cord Blood Registry event in NYC a few weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity! I had been doing my research about cord blood banking in case we decided to have another child but I knew there was a lot more for me to learn!


At the event, we met Shelley Connlley whose daughter Peyton was able to use her banked cord blood as part of an experimental treatment. Before Peyton’s first birthday, doctors discovered that she had a cancerous tumor surrounded by a benign tumor. Shortly after the tumor was removed, Peyton suffered a massive stoke. After the stroke, she couldn’t move and could barely move her head. Luckily, Shelley’s father-in-law had offered to bank Peyton’s cord blood with CBR and after intense physical therapy, She received a reinfusion of cord blood stem cells. Shortly after, she regained verbal skills and is doing great today! Check out the video that features Peyton’s story and how she is doing now on the Cord Blood Registry website!

Connelly Family Photo

Meeting Shelley and hearing her Peyton’s story really gave a face to cord blood banking. Just hearing about the Connelly family’s experience sealed the deal for me, I will be banking my baby’s blood if we decide to have a second child!

Here are 5 facts about cord blood banking that I think every expectant parent should know:

  1. CBR is the first bank to offer U.S. families the opportunity to save a segment of their babies’ umbilical cords. The primary cells in cord tissue are different from the primary cells found in cord blood and may help repair the body in different ways. Saving both sources of stems cells may offer even more access to medicine in the future.
  2. Cord blood stem cells have been used in the treatment of more than 80 conditions, including certain cancers, blood disorders, immune deficiencies, and metabolic disorders.
  3. Any family member who is a suitable match may be able to use your baby’s cord blood stem cells for transplant medicine.
  4. There are two options to save your baby’s cord blood: Family banking and the Newborn Possibilities Program® that CBR offers. Family banking is when your baby’s cord blood is stored for a fee for exclusive use by your family. The Newborn Possibilities Program® is where CBR offers cord blood and cord tissue collection, processing and storage at no cost for five years when a family member has been diagnosed with a condition that can be treated with stem cells.
  5. The Cord Blood Registry offers multiple payment options. You could be paying as little as $55 a month for 48 months to bank your child’s cord blood. I spend more than that in just coffee a month! Cord Blood Banking isn’t cheap but is it worth it? I say yes!

For more information on cord blood banking, please visit the Cord Blood Registry‘s website.

Connect with the Cord Blood Registry:
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Have you banked your baby’s cord blood or are you currently considering it?

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  1. Really useful informaiton even though I don’t have a child; but will keep this in mind.

  2. Wow…this is awesome…I wish I had had more info on this when I was having children but it wasn’t yet out. I am a Doula and know for sure that expecting parents are not provided enough info on this topic or how important it really is! This is a post I would share and re-share!

  3. Interesting post! Too bad its so expensive, I would have love to done the Cord Banking when I had my son.

  4. I donated both my kids’ cord blood, and I struggled with keeping it! I decided that we may never need it, and it could do a lot of good right at the time it was collected, therefore, I would trust that if we really needed it, someone else would step up for us, like we had done (or I could have another baby, since we had already toyed with the idea of a bigger family) I wish the options were better publicized. Thank you for bringing attention to the subject!

  5. Jennifer Brown says:

    Great information for for every parent should know.

  6. Great info- I will be sharing.
    PS- ADORABLE picture!!

  7. I didn’t bank my baby’s cord blood, but would definitely consider it if I were to have another child.

  8. Great information! I heard so much about this with both of my pregnancies. I felt so overwhelmed with all the info! I wish we had sessions like this to understand more.

  9. Great information! I was told very briefly about cord blood banking while I was pregnant. I just wasn’t really encouraged to follow through with it.

  10. When my children were born, cord blood was seen as a futuristic idea. I never thought about it and didn’t realize its importance. If I was to give birth now, I would definitely consider it. Especially after Peyton’s story!

  11. What an interesting idea, I never even knew you could do such a thing I have to admit. x

  12. This is great information. I am past the baby stage. I think that a lot will find this useful!

  13. thanks for sharing this is some great info. I never thought of banking our kids cords

  14. When I was pregnant w/ my first in 1998 I remember being told about cord blood banking. I thought about pursuing it, I have to wonder if it was because not many knew much about it and the internet wasn’t like it is today to research. I don’t believe doctor’s even knew much about it either. Great info for new parents today.

  15. Interesting information!!! Only drawback is it’s pretty much expensive and because of that most parents don’t go for that

  16. I love that so much is being done to educate parents on this, we did it with both of my boys. Something so simple that can do so much.

  17. Its amazing to read about the different advancements in the medical field. I am glad that now there is an option to save cord blood. This would definitely be of help for babies in the future.

  18. I wanted to do cord blood banking but it’s too expensive

  19. This is so interesting! I had no clue! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I banked both of my kid’s cord blood and I am glad I did. For me it’s like insurance, something you should have just in case.

  21. Very helpful information.I didn’t bank my baby’s cord blood because it was pretty unheard of then but would definitely encourage parents to go for it.

  22. Good to know!

  23. This is a great post! If I were to have any more kids, I would definitely look into this more.

  24. My twins are 17, and we didn’t have cord blood banking. This is good info to know for future grandchildren.

  25. Judy Thomas says:

    I think this is a great idea and it should be common practice.

  26. Thank you for writing this. I had heard of Cord Blood Banking but never really gotten anymore information on it. I wish I would have researched it more before I had my son. I will definitely be sharing this!

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